CSK9 is comprised of three main canine-centric partners which include VWK9 LLC, Southern Coast K9, and K9 Employment LLC. This Alliance is an organization created with the purpose of uniting the world’s most prominent canine security providers in order to deliver holistic air cargo industry screening solutions. 

K9 Employment LLC, located in Anniston, AL provides National coverage for canine handler recruitment, and 360 K9 Group provides Nationwide corporate support. Our strategic partners ensure; regional mobilization, expedited deployment timelines, operational sustainment, continuity, command, and control.

K9 Team Services can speed up the search, be mobile, a force multiplier, and provide the very best in explosive detection. However, the Cargo Screening Industry represents a unique set of challenges for the K9 industry, and we must list to our customer, observe the cargo workforce tempo, understand the operational processes in place, and, more importantly, operate in partnership with a goal to effectively screen cargo in a proficient, timely manner.

CSK9 is here to augment the screening and security measures already in place at your cargo facilities, and we offer an easy three-step process to provide our best-in-class service to our clients. First, we’ll travel to your site to understand your specific needs, operational workflow, and processes in place. Next, we’ll deliver a detailed proposal with operational deployment details, timelines, and pricing. Finally, we mobilize, deploy and sustain our Cargo Screening K9® Teams at your site locations, working in partnership with you.

Contact us today, to discuss how the Cargo Screening K9® Alliance can help expedite your cargo screening process.

Key Personnel

John Pearce

VP of Quality Assurance

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Don Griggs

VP of Operations

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Tony Silva

Director of Operations

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Mark Barnes

Director of Training

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Corporate Members

CSK9 is a globally recognized pioneer in the development and advancement of explosive detection canine capability, we have an unwavering commitment to excellence, and drive to continue these advancements in technologies and methodologies that have forged some of the most promising partnerships in the industry. Our active participation and involvement with external organizations, alliances, and partnerships have proven essential to the Cargo Screening K9® and our success as the best-in-class canine service provider in the private market sector. These relationships allow for adaptability and the ability to provide endless solutions to consistently meet the explosive detection needs of our clients in an evolving and fluid threat environment.

Learn more about the national and local cargo associations in which we are corporate members.

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Air Forwarders Association


JFK Air Cargo Association

JFK Air Cargo Association



International Air Cargo Association of Chicago (IACAC)



Los Angeles Air Cargo Association (LAACA)


Hawaii Air Cargo Association

Air Cargo Association of Hawaii (ACAH)



Contact CSK9 to learn more about how we can provide CCSF-K9 cargo screening services at your facility. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns and we will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.

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“Created with the purpose of uniting the world’s most prominent canine security providers in order to deliver holistic air cargo industry screening solutions.”

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