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Bill Conrad Cargo Screening K9

Bill Conrad

Cargo Screening Advisor

Bill Conrad brings over 40 years of sales and sales leadership experience to CSK9, including 30+ years in the air cargo industry.    

Previously at United Airlines Cargo, Bill led regional sales teams to generate as much as $90M in annual revenue while remaining focused on targeted air freight products supporting pharma, perishables and just-in-time inventory for the automotive and oil-and-gas industries.  Bill has worked directly with multi-national freight forwarders and pharma/cold-chain shippers.  He has led sales throughout the Western and Southern U.S. Regions along with a temporary assignment as Director of the Pacific, based in Tokyo. 

At CSK9, Bill assesses efficiencies and analytics to drive the company’s sales strategy and to support operational development of tailored screening solutions that meet customer demands.   

Bill has also served as President of the Los Angeles Air Cargo Association for 2 years followed by another 2 years as Chairman of the Board.


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