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Compliance is Critical to Who We Are

CSK9 is a globally recognized pioneer in the development and advancement of explosive detection canine capability, we have an unwavering commitment to excellence, and drive to continue these advancements in technologies and methodologies that have forged some of the most promising partnerships in the industry. Our active participation and involvement with external organizations, alliances, and partnerships have proven essential to the Cargo Screening K9® and our success as the best-in-class canine service provider in the private market sector. These relationships allow for adaptability and the ability to provide endless solutions to consistently meet the explosive detection needs of our clients in an evolving and fluid threat environment.

We have met all the requirements to have 100% certification under the TSA’s CCSF-K9 certification standards. We continue to maintain 100% re-certification of all our deployed cargo screening k9 teams.

Safety Act Designation

On July 31, 2019, CSK9 became the first CCSF-K9 provider to receive the coveted DHS Safety Act Designation for its CCSF-K9 program.

The SAFETY Act provides incentives for the development and deployment of anti-terrorism technologies by creating systems of risk and litigation management. The purpose of the Act is to ensure that the threat of liability does not deter potential manufacturers or sellers of effective anti-terrorism technologies from developing and commercializing technologies that could save lives.

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Third-Party Canine-Cargo Certification (3PK9-C)

The TSA created the Third-Party Canine-Cargo (3PK9-C) Program, under regulations for Certified Cargo Screening Programs (CCSP) to provide an efficient and effective method for screening air cargo to TSA’s standards.

CSK9 had the first 3PK9-C team certified in the United States and to date, we have certified 25 EDCTs to 3PK9-C standard with a 100% pass rate. With our regulated training facilities, we have the ability to train and certify teams quickly for rapid mobilization to new screening sites.

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Certified Cargo Screening Facility-Canine (CCSF-K9)

As part of the TSA’s regulations under the Certified Canine Security Program – Canine (CCSP-K9), CSK9 was approved as a Certified Cargo Screening Facility – Canine (CCSF-K9). 

With this certification, CSK9 can support air cargo screening operations for airlines, forwarders, and shippers nationwide.

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NCS4 Lab Tested (Vapor Wake)

  • CSK9’s executive team has over 80 years of detection canine experience and on a yearly basis delivers over 1,000 canines and handler training iterations to federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies nationwide.

  • CSK9 has exclusive rights and access to K9 Employment’s database of over 8,500 professional handlers with prior military or police service, and real-world operational experience. This unique access to geographically locate qualified and experienced handlers gives us the ability to mobilize to any of the worksite locations within 30 to 45 days of contract notification.

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CSK9 is emerging as the best value solution for TSA compliant
cargo screening K9 services.


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CSK9 is constantly looking ahead of the competition to stay TSA compliant and help our screening partners find more value. We have been featured in some of the industry’s leading publications to help tell the story of why canines are so important for the future of cargo screening.

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