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Handler Recruitment

The Alliance recognizes the complex challenges third-party K9 Cargo Screening presents.  Canine vendors struggle to recruit professional canine handlers that are:  able to perform at the highest level, located in close proximity to potential screening sites, and possess the knowledge and focus to operate within the cargo screening environment.  Meeting the nationwide cargo screening demand, along with swift mobilization timelines, is key when establishing a strong program.

Recruitment Solution

The Alliance has strategically positioned itself by exclusively partnering with K9 Employment LLC, which owns the world’s largest database of K9 handlers. This ensures we have access to K9 Employments 6,000+ handler database, with advanced search capabilities that assist with regional recruitment.

Handler Professionalism

Our Cargo Screening K9® Alliance Teams represent us at the operational ground level. Our recruiters place exceptional handlers with prior handling experience, natural search awareness, pride in their appearance, punctuality, and an understanding of global terrorism and threat mitigation.

Recruitment – Prior Military

The Cargo Screening K9® Alliance focus our recruitment efforts on military working dog handlers with at least years of experience. We also recruit veterans of the armed services who have at least five years of experience, exceptional insight into the threats we face today, and have successfully completed the most comprehensive training available today.  This focus allows us not only to hire “best in class” but support veteran hiring initiatives.

Recruitment – Prior Law Enforcement

We also look to prior law enforcement and first responder working dog handlers with at least two years of experience. Federal, state and local agencies with at least five years of experience are also considered a key recruitment group. They have received invaluable policing and security training that provides a multi-faceted layer to our Explosive Detection Canine Teams (EDCT) and enhance the team’s performance in high-risk environments.

Background Checks

Prior to hiring, all handler recruits undergo a complete background check that meets or exceeds the Regulated Entities Security Threat Assessment Requirements.

Drug Screening

The Cargo Screening K9® Alliance conducts drug testing as part of background screening. Workplace drug use can come with serious consequences and our Alliance has strict policies in place to ensure a safe work environment.




Benefits and Retention

Cargo Screening K9® Handlers receive competitive salaries based on regional salary information, and full Human Resources support to include 401k Benefits and Medical/Dental/Vision Benefits. We strive to retain top talent, encourage work-life balance, and incentivize our employees with performance and retention bonuses, uniform, fuel, and phone allowances.


Contact CSK9 to learn more about how we can provide CCSF-K9 cargo screening services at your facility. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns and we will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.


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