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K9 Selection

Canine Procurement

The Cargo Screening K9® Alliance was formed to create partnerships that combine world-class procurement with an exclusive breeding program. This allows us to provide exceptional working dogs that outperform others in the industry. 

VLK Euro

The Alliance collectively sells over 1,000 canines globally each year. The industry standard for procurement requires multiple “buy trips” throughout the year which is time consuming, costly, and limit canine availability. The Alliance Procurement Program has a dedicated European Procurement Kennel which is staffed 24/7 with access to an extensive European breeder network. This European facility allows for selection of the best in breed canines 365 days per year, coupled with the strictest of procurement criteria to meet the requirements of the third-party Cargo Screening Initiative.
Cargo Screening Alabama | Alliance Canines

Breeding Program

The Alliance has an exclusive partnership with Auburn University Canine Performance Science and Breeding Program through VWK9 LLC.  This program’s objective is to utilize science, technology, research, and genetics to advance a dog’s olfactory and performance capability to make them the most advanced detection dogs in the world.

Best in Selection

Procuring the best canine is just as important as hiring a good employee. The process starts by selecting a canine with strong genetics for explosives detection and working in robust environments without being fearful or even distracted. During the procurement process, it is critical every canine is fully evaluated prior to selection. We test each canine to ensure they are healthy, sociable, athletic, show the proper demeanor and trainability, and possess the nerve strength and drive to work long hours in physically demanding conditions.
Cargo Screening Alabama | Alliance Canines
Cargo Screening Alabama | Alliance Canines

Performance Requirements

Alliance canines must display a vigorous and curious behavior in order to become a selection candidate. They must display various behaviors that qualify them for trainability and socialization. They must have strong hunt instincts, be highly motivated and not easily discouraged, and attentive in all environments.

Veterinary Requirements

The Alliance currently has a 95% medical pass rate, which equates to an extended working time and lifetime. Our canines are veterinarian evaluated for excellent health, OFA approved hips, elbows, and spine. The Alliance HQ has an on-site, fully operational veterinarian clinic in partnership with Auburn University.
Cargo Screening Alabama | Alliance Canines

Auburn University’s College of Veterinary Medicine is accredited by the Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care International (AAALAC). Accreditation includes the administrative components of the AU Animal Care and Use Program. AAALAC Accreditation signifies AU’s strong commitment to humane animal care and symbolizes a dedication to program excellence. Our affiliation with Auburn University requires us to maintain our kennels to the IACUC Standard.


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