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  • 500+ acres of National Canine Training Facilities

  • Regional Office & Logistics Support

  • Nationwide ATF Explosive License & Storage

  • K9 Service Operations Performed Worldwide

CSK9 has a national operations and support footprint, with dedicated regional offices and canine training centers. This footprint give us the ability to deploy CCSF and 3PK9 certified screening teams within days of an executed contract. Highlighted below are several CSK9 world class canine training center examples.


  • Anniston, Alabama
  • 320+ Acres
  • 150 Kennels
  • 16 Classroom/Training Buildings
  • 30 Personnel
  • ATF & DEA Licensed
  • Cargo Training Complex


  • New Smyrna Beach, Florida
  • 25 Acres
  • 80 Kennels
  • 10 Classroom/Training Buildings
  • 25 Personnel
  • ATF & DEA Licensed

Cargo Screening Resources & News

CSK9 is constantly looking ahead of the competition to stay TSA compliant and help our screening partners find more value. We have been featured in some of the industry’s leading publications to help tell the story of why canines are so important for the future of cargo screening.

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