Just 3 months from now, on June 30, TSA’s new international 100% screening requirements are scheduled to be in effect.  For those entities impacted – shippers, forwarders, handling agents and carriers –  there is little time remaining to determine how to meet those requirements.

Eric Kulisch’s article, published in American Shipper, provides some great insight into what challenges the industry faces – a rapidly approaching deadline, critical program clarity still needed from TSA, 3PK9 sourcing pipeline, and more.

To meet the anticipated demand for canines, CSK9 invested in a new and expanded training facility at their headquarters office in Anniston, AL.

  • 320+ acre Canine Training Academy
  • 185 kennel runs
  • 100+ canines currently in training | 20 available for immediate handler assignment
  • Multiple classrooms that can accommodate up to 36 students
  • 50-seat Auditorium
  • 16 vehicles and a trailer fleet that can transport up to 80 dogs to support training and operations
  • DOT permit that allows us to transport high explosives nationwide
  • 30 canine trainers, instructors, kennel staff, and management personnel
  • ATF permit to store and transport explosives nationwide
  • 40,000 square foot Cargo Training and Certification Facility to replicate the operational environment

To learn more about how CSK9 can support your business, please contact Bill Conrad at bconrad@cargoscreeningK9.com or by calling 310-982-3667.

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