Canine Services

The Alliance’s active involvement with external organizations, alliances, and partnerships have proven essential to our success as the largest canine service provider in the private sector. These relationships allow for adaptability and the ability to provide endless solutions to consistently meet the explosive detection needs of our clients in an evolving threat environment.

In addition to providing VW/EDC services, we provide traditional explosive detection canines, weapons detection canines, and our CSK9 traditional canine detection services. Together will transform how various entities within the global supply chain screen cargo and secure freight.

 Our CSK9® provide an explosive detection canine capability that supports the increasing needs for the screening of air, rail, port, over the road commercial carriers and their supporting shipping and receiving warehouses.

Full Time Services

Full time turn-key explosive detection cargo screening services. This option allows for cargo screening operations as well as perimeter safety, and random facility location checks, any identified additional screening requirements and provides the maximum support to our client.

This option provides a continuous deterrent presence and serves as an addition to a layered security plan.  Multi-year contracts are available to lower costs and provide continuity in Certified Canine Team (CCT) Support from a regionally located CCT.

Full Time Services Benefit

Allows for recruitment of canine professionals from within the requested region, allows for us to spread costs over the length of the term which means significantly lower rates.  It allows Regulated Entities to Fully integrate a Canine Program, while the Alliance provides full Veterinary Cover, Life Support, Transportation, Uniforms, Communication, Warranty and Replacement of Dog Teams, Annual Certifications, 24/7 Oversight/Client Liaison, All HR Functions and Competitive Benefits for the Handler.

Part Time Services

Part time turn-key explosive detection cargo screening services to service those facilities that are required to screen cargo but do not have the volume that supports full-time services.  Part-time services are those that are 648hrs to 1040hrs annually. Our Part-Time services include Fully Trained/Certified CCT, Veterinary Cover, Life Support, Transportation, Uniforms, Communication, Annual Certifications, and related HR Functions for the Handler.




Ad-Hoc Hourly Services

Ad-Hoc Hourly Services are offered on a per event basis with a minimum requirement of 8hrs per day.  This option is best suited for those entities that are not required to screen cargo but are looking to screen specific shipments as an additional security measure.


See how our Alliance can offer a full turn-key Service Solution and expedite your cargo screening process. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns and we will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.


“Created with the purpose of uniting the world’s most prominent canine security providers in order to deliver holistic air cargo industry screening solutions.”

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